Best Kettlebell Wrist Guards

Feb 7, 2021

A vital piece of protective gear, a wrist-guard should be worn by both professionals and beginners. Compared to a regular glove, wrist guards offer extra padding and thickness, plus they come in different sizes and styles.

Your hands and wrists will be protected from bruises and sprains when lifting kettlebells. Here are a few reviews to help you find the best wrist guard for your needs. 

1. CFF Kettlebell Wrist Guard

Minimizing pain and extending your workout, the CFF Kettlebell Wrist Guards provide a good test of strength as well as a top-notch workout. Plus, they prevent some nasty bruises. A padded protector can reduce your pain and extend your workouts.

With a hard injection molded plastic plat, you can prevent getting bruised while using a sweat-absorbent wristband in several colors. This comfortable wrist guard also helps you stay dry, allowing you to have a full range of motion.

While not restrictive, these protectors are easily maintain and use long-lasting and breathable material. These double-stitched guards are easy to put on and take off, so they can be worn by both women and men.


  • These wrist guards come in several colors.
  • They aren’t too restrictive.
  • It’s a breathable and sweat-absorbent.


  • The hard plate protects only one side of your wrist, so you may need to adjust it.
  • They are small and tight on some users.

2. EvoShield Kettlebell Wrist Guard

Protecting your forearms from rope burns and kettlebell bruising, the EvoShield Kellebell Wrist Guards offer padded forearm guard cushioning against abrasion and impact.

Using a streamlined design, these wrist guards use flexible padded inserts that feature stretch cotton terry cloth that will conform to your forearm that won’t interfere with your workout. We liked these guards because they are easy to pull on and off, plus they absorb sweat really well.

Using flexible padded inserts, the EvoShield Kettlebell protectors offer a secure and comfortable fit. They have a one size fits all design that is easy to care for with hand washing. Plus, their slim design helps to keep the kettlebell close to your wrists and arms as you train.


  • They have a comfortable and secure fit.
  • These wrist guards absorb sweat well.
  • The slim design fits well and keeps you protected.


  • They are too stiff and hot.
  • Some users found them too long.

3. Harbinger HumanX Kettlebell Wrist Guard

The Harbinger HumanX Kettlebell Wrist Guard helps to protect against abrasions and impact. Easy to put on and off, these wrist guards have a one size fits all design. Capable of protecting your forearms, the flexible padded insert conforms to your forearms and won’t interfere with your workout.

With a slim design, the Harbinger HumanX allows you to keep the kettlebell close to your arm as you train. Easy to maintain, you only need to hand wash and then lay flat to dry.


  • They are easy to maintain
  • These wrist guards help to protect your forearms from impact and abrasions.
  • They don’t interfere with your workout.


  • The pieces inside the wrist guards move around a lot.
  • They still allow bruises to form.

4. KettleGuard Wrist Guard Wrap

This padded wrist guard gives you a tight fit making it ideal for CrossFit, and it offers a shorter version that is perfect for competitive use. Comfortable to wear, the Kettlegaurd Reinforced Wrist Wrap is very absorbent, and you can use it as a typical sweat bracelet. Machine washable, it’s compact and can be used for gymnastics, weightlifting, and kettlebell.

Designed for lifters that need a shorter wrist wrap, this high-quality product meets the requirements you need for a kettlebell competition. The inserts are adjustable, which allows you to avoid discomfort in your forearm, and you get different levels of protection from impacts.

The Kettleguard Reinforced Wrist Wrap gives you 360 degrees of padding and has a slim fit making it easy to use.

Lightweight and sweat-absorbent, this product comes in one size fits all design. Ideal for beginners and professionals, the Kettleguard Reinforced Wrist Wrap is one of the only patented protective wrist bands on the market.


  • These wrist wraps are effective protection.
  • You can adjust them for a better fit.
  • They are comfortable and machine washable.

5. Quest Athletics Kettlebell Wrist Guard

Another inexpensive option, the Quest Athletics Kettlebell Wrist Guard is a molded plastic insert that gives you a good amount of protection that prevents you from bruising your wrists. These are affordable wrist guards that offer pretty good protection.

The Quest Athletics wrist protector offers good sweat absorption with a sturdy and tough product, but not too heavy or cumbersome. This is a medium-thick cloth guard that absorbs sweat well and isn’t too itchy.


  • This is a tough and sturdy product that isn’t cumbersome or heavy.
  • The medium-thick cloth material is not itchy and absorbs sweat well.
  • It offers good coverage.


  • It’s too tight for some users.
  • The material does not dry quickly.

Why Use Kettlebell Wrist Guards?

Kettlebell wrist guards can be a contentious topic. Many people feel that you shouldn’t need to protect your wrists if you have good form. While good form will help you prevent bumps and bruises that happen when you are training with a kettlebell, there are still plenty of reasons to wear one.

Prevent Skin Pinch

It’s important for snatches and cleans to keep a kettlebell as close to your wrist as you can. That means that your skin can get pinched when the kettlebell is up against your skin, which can result in rashes and blisters. When you wear a wrist guard, the skin can be prevented from getting pinched, which lets you feel comfortable getting as close as possible to the kettlebell.

Prevent Bruising

Using kettlebell wrist guards, you will realize that it’s important to wear one. If you don’t, then you will probably have a large bruise on your forearm that could have been prevented.

While form does prevent you from becoming bruised during kettlebell training since it will take a lot of practice and time to perfect your form. But, wearing a wrist protector as you learn your form will help spare you from the pain of bruises.

Doubles as a Sweatband

As sweat drips down your arm onto your kettlebell, you will find that it can affect your grip, resulting in an injury. Using a sweatband can help you prevent this problem. Pretty much any kettlebell wrist guards can also double as a sweatband.

Prevent Wrist Strain

While kettlebell wrist guards won’t directly prevent a strain, they can prevent one indirectly. Since they aren’t strong enough to keep your wrist in a fixed position that will remove strain, plus they aren’t strong and rigid. It’s important that your wrists are flexible enough to be able to any kettlebell exercises correctly, which is also why the kettlebell wrist guards come with flexible inserts.

A wrist guard is capable of preventing against strains indirectly since it can prevent harmful banging. When you have a kettlebell band against your forearm, it will cause your wrist to bend backward slightly, which can cause your hand to flop around and cause a strain.

Kettlebell Wrist Guard Product Guide

A cheap kettlebell wrist guard is basically just a glorified sweatband that includes plastic inserts. The best kettlebell wrist guards are specifically designed for this type of training. Here’s how you tell the difference between all the different products.

All-Around Protection

When it comes down to it, you really only need protection on your forearm. A kettlebell wrist guard that has a single molded plate should work just fine. Remember that wrist guards will tend to move a bit when on your wrist, so it can be helpful to have all-around protection, so you are covered no matter when the kettlebell hits you.


Some wrist guards will also come with removable inserts. This is a great feature since it allows you to double up on your protection in one of the areas where you need it most. Plus, this feature makes it easier to clean it.

While rigid inserts seem like they offer better protection, it is really better if the wrist guard inserts are more flexible. You want to have a free range of motion during your exercise.


The padding inserts can be very thin or very thick. These thick padding inserts offer great protection, but they are a little uncomfortable and bulky to wear. The thinner inserts are a lot more comfortable to wear.

Keep in mind that if you are getting banged up so much that you need a really-thick wrist guard, you should probably switch to a lighter kettlebell. You should also work on your form so you won’t need a thick plate any longer.

Kettlebell wrist guards are a handy and easy way to shield yourself from injuries. By reducing pain and accidental bruising, the right wrist guard can add comfort and sweat absorption to your routine. Make sure you do your research so you can find the right product to improve your workout.