Homemade Kettlebell

Jan 4, 2021

This is pretty easy to make just by looking at the pictures. I use 1″ diameter pipes with 3/4″ threading for all the pipes and connectors. I then slide a 3/4″ pipe through one “T” fitting, through the holes in the weights, and into the other “T” fitting. Make sure to get a length of pipe long enough so that the 3/4″ pipe that holds the weights on won’t slide out from the inside of one of the “T” fittings. Also make sure to plug the open end of the “T” fittings so it can’t slide out that way. Easiest thing to do is get an idea from these pics, then head to the local home depot or Lowes and experiment a bit and put one (or more) together…and this is by no means the only configuration that will work.

Homemade kettlebell with tubing and weight plates

If you want to add more weight, it gets wider and makes it unwieldy…but it does replicate a real KB better than a dumbbell until you can afford to get the real thing.

This one has four 10 LBS plates, and one 5 LBS plate, add on the pipe and fitting weight and it weighs nearly 50 LBS.

Detail of the homemade kettlebell

MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure EVERYTHING is secure and tight before EVERY workout!! As recommended by Seraphim, use plumbers tape or locktite to ensure a solid bond at all fittings…otherwise your improvised KB could very easily fall apart during a workout and “improvise” its way through your window, TV screen…or family pet!

Another Approach

Homemade kettlebell without weight plates

I used 1″ nipples & elbows for the handle. The weights are loaded on a 3/4″ nipple and held in place with a 3/4″ floor flange. The tee is a 1″ with 3/4″ fitting in the side. The 1″x5″ nipple on top must be cut in half in order to assemble it. Tighten up everything else first then tighten in the nipple halves. The elbows that those halves thread into will have to be offset while you tighten them. You will have about an inch of overlap that can be cut out with a hacksaw.

Homemade kettlebell with weight plates

Then line everything up and take it down to a muffler shop or metal fabricaters and get that cut welded back together. The shop I went to didn’t even charge for it. After it’s welded you can’t take the handle assembly apart without cutting it. Use different length 3/4″ nipples for different amounts of weight. Add in some 1″ washers to get your weights tight but make sure you get it threaded in as far as it will go. I ground the wide part of the elbows on top off but it’s not really necessary. The tapered stack is easier on the forearms. The trip to Lowes, putting it together, and taking it down to get it welded took about three hours. Parts cost about $12.00. Add another $12.00 if you have to buy a hacksaw. Modify, reword, and post this info however you like. I hope it helps. ACL